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Participatory action research (PAR) is an approach to research that places the people being studied at the center of the decision-making process. The main goals of the PAR approach are to increase the validity and relevance of research through consumer involvement and to empower individuals to construct and use knowledge to enhance their own lives. Each of the five research sites has established a PAR team of stakeholders. Most PAR team members are CLD individuals with disabilities who have achieved success in postsecondary education. The PAR teams provide feedback on the design of all research activities, on analysis of the data, and on how to package and disseminate research findings for different audiences. Because the PAR teams speak from the stakeholder perspective, they help to ensure that research variables and analyses do in fact reflect the real-life experiences of CLD youth with disabilities. For example, the PAR teams have helped to clarify the meaning of post-high school "success" from the perspectives of different CLD groups.


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