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The purpose of the survey is to document and describe key factors that influence the success of CLD youth with disabilities in accessing and participating in postsecondary education. The goal is to conduct 200-250 phone or in-person interviews of CLD youth with disabilities who have been out of high school between one and two years (40-50 interviews at each of the five research sites). The interview takes 30-45 minutes and covers topics including educational experiences, services and supports received, work history, family history, peers and socialization, and how to define success. The survey is being conducted early in Year 2 of the project and two additional times with the same participants by the middle of Year 5, in order to gain a longitudinal perspective on how they fare after leaving high school. Analysis of the survey results will focus on identifying key factors during the high school years that support later success in postsecondary education. In order to explore in greater depth what are the most important factors and how they work, a number of survey participants who are achieving success in postsecondary education will be invited to take part in focus groups.

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