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The CLD Transition Research Project is conducting four interrelated research activities that build on each other, as illustrated in the figure below. The first is a literature review and synthesis, beginning with a search for all articles, books, reports, etc. on issues relevant to transition success for CLD youth with disabilities. The next research activity is a national survey of 200-250 CLD youth with disabilities who have been out of high school for between one and two years. The survey questionnaire addresses key issues identified through the literature review and validated by the Project’s five participatory action research (PAR) teams. Based on the survey results, CLD youth with disabilities will be identified who are experiencing success in postsecondary education. These "successful" youth will be invited to take part in focus groups that will explore in depth the factors supporting their success. About 10 focus group members will then be recruited for case studies that illustrate how specific supports can be provided to enhance the success of CLD youth with disabilities. The national survey, focus groups, and case studies will all be repeated with the same participants in Year 4 of the project, and then again in Year 5, adding valuable data on how these particular CLD youth with disabilities fare after leaving high school.


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